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Eledrive Lubricants offers supreme quality automotive oils that considered to be the engine saving requirement of any transportation mode. With excellent oxidation and stability, Eledrive lubricates the engine moving parts with cleanness and also protect against corrosion and ultimately cool the engine from heat.

Eledrive offers both synthetic and semi synthetic lubricants to meet technical specifications of all automotive applications. Our range of automotive oil products are for shops of all sizes and consists of manual transmission oil, anti freeze agent, automatic transmission fluid, diesel engine oil, hydraulic oil, petrol engine oil etc.

Being a reputed brand of automotive lubricants, our professional team is constantly researching to develop the next generation products that meets clients satisfaction and manufacturer specifications.

If you’re a dealer or mechanic, contact Eledrive to find out how we can help you meet your customers requirements and stand out from the crowd and boost your business growth.

Quality research and formulation produces high grade and premium range of protection.

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