Eledrive Lubricants is an emerging name among oil and lubricants brands that has earned a strong reputation in a very short span of time throughout Africa.

Market Segment

Quality research and formulation produces high grade and premium range of protection.

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Why Choose Eledrive?

For high quality and maximum results, Eledrive innovative lubricants products are preferred choice among other market brands. With high standards for durability, lubrication, rust and corrosion control, extreme weather protection, chemical resistance and high temperature tolerance. We are constantly researching the local requirements and demands of our customers to bring them the very best in oil products.

Manufactured in the certified facility

Our Lubricant Brands

Providing Quality Lubricants to the Automotive, Industrial and Marine Industry


Private Label Branding

Strengthen your brand with Eledrive, build value and increase profits.
Click here to learn more about our Private Label capabilities and products.

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